Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Crabbywife starts here...

Well hello! I am always being told I am crabby, so here I am. Crabbywife, crabbymom. Soon to be crabbygrandma. Oh yes. The life of being crabby is intense, crazy and full of yelling at times.
I am one of those people that likes things done my way. My way or the highway. There is no in between, no almost done. Do it the right way or go away. I am a perfectionist. I like the dishes in the right sink only. Towels will be folded my way and put away in the cupboard all facing the same way. Wash clothes, same thing. Everything has a way of being folded, put away, dealt with. If you don't do it my way, I may have to redo it cause I just can't deal with it. It isn't that I am not grateful for you trying, I just really cannot help it. My family says there are rules for everything. Which pot to use for what, how to wipe the counters even. Ya ya... maybe there are. But rules are good aren't they?
So crabbywife is getting crabby about our basement not being painted. It has only been about two years since we first started talking about it getting painted. We had to get rid of some crap, fix some holes in the walls from the pictures and move crap out of the way. Ya think this would take a month or two... not two years. So now our son and his girlfriend are moving in and we need to finish all this. And we have a deadline. Why? cause she is pregnant. And due in 7 weeks. Yup, 7 weeks. If she even goes full term. And where is this sweet bundle of joy going to be sleeping? No idea. And the kids? Again, no idea. So much to do and it never gets done. Just put off til next weekend. So this has brought out crabbywife cause the countdown is seriously on and I cannot do the work as I have a back injury at the moment. Well, it has been 10 months. And that makes for a crabbyperson. But that is another story. So the basement causes me to go crazy and yell. I really think that it should be done and get everything done so that we can get the nursery painted and this nursery set up for this little one. We will see.
More to come later on crabbyperson and crabbymom.

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